The MacPosture app shown on an iMac

What is MacPosture?

MacPosture is an application that improves your posture when you work in front of your computer. It analyses your posture and warns you whenever you lean too far forward or backward. By observing your posture, MacPosture can improve your health over time.

Who created MacPosture?

MacPosture is developed by No Problem Software, located in The Hague. It is under active development and new features will be released over time. More info can be found at: No Problem Software.

Why we built MacPosture

Many people around the world suffer from poor posture when working at desks, including us. This can cause back pain, increased stress and headaches. We want to use new technology to prevent these problems.

Where can I download MacPosture?

In the Mac App Store. You can search for "MacPosture" and find us there.

Now available on the Mac App Store

MacPosture for Mac is available for free on the Mac App Store. The app is available in English, Dutch and German. It works on every Mac that runs macOS 10.15 or later.

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